Bridge and Road Works Plan

by Lewie and Lindy on July 12th, 2009

The immediate problem (or one of them anyway) is that the top road is so slippery it's dangerous. (and impassible). We can't do any more work on it (concrete/gravel/whatever) until the two bridges are fixed, because you can't get trucks over or around them.
To solve the problem, this is the proposal.

Step One: Replace the bridges with pipes:
  • Order from Humes three 900mm pipes, 2.4 metres long for each bridge to be delivered and dropped at the bottom of Vic's driveway.
  • Arrange a date for T-Rex to remove the decking and install the pipes. For this day (or two) no-one will be able to get across the bridges. (Maybe we need a volunteer to be responsible for in-valley communications so we have good car-pooling organised for those days),
  • Get rotten rock gravel trucked in to cover the pipes (about three truckloads per pipe).

Step Two: Get a truckload of blue metal dropped on the steep section of the top road, so that the rest of the roadworking crew can get up.

Step Three: Concrete the top road
  • Buy and bring out reinforcing mesh. this needs someone with roof racks or a vehicle capable of carrying ten sheets of Rio, each 2.4 m by 6 metre lengths. (May take a couple of trips).
  • Buy and bring out 120 metres of 125mm boxing. This could be second-grade hardwood from Mel Hogan's.
  • Get a contractor (Ferris) to box up the steep section of the top road, and around the corner for cement. The boxing would sit on top of the road as it is now.
  • Get cement trucks to pour the concrete. It will take 18 cubic metres of concrete, which will be about 3 truckloads.
  • On pour day and for at least two days afterwards, no-one will be able to drive on the road. Again someone responsible for communications might be good. As many volunteers as possible will be good as well, to lay the reinforcing into the concrete as it goes and put the rio feet in. (This could be worth maintenance levies). If we can't get at least 4 volunteers (with gumboots and gloves), we need to hire labour. Also needs tea and cake!
  • For another month we will be able to take only light vehicles carefully up the hill.
  • A month later, get a grader to grade up the sides to the edge of the concrete, so that it is not a square edge. Grass seed the gravel to stabilise.
  • See how the water runs off. We may need, at a later date, to have a working bee to put in some concrete wings (like little wo-boys) to take the water off to the gutter and stop it running down the side of the concrete.

These are very rough estimates. If anyone knows better, please correct them.
Pipes @ $400 per 900mm pipe ($1200 per bridge) = $2400
Delivery = $400
Gravel @$400 a load = $2400
T-Rex for dismantling bridges and installing pipes = $1600
Organising and supervising 6 hours = $120
Rio @$60 a sheet = $600
Timber for boxing $300
Delivery of rio and timber $50
Concrete @$200 m3 = $3600
Ferris for boxing @ 2 days = $600
Blue metal $500
Labour 4 people for three hours for concreting = $240
Organising and supervising for 2 days = $360
Grader for shaping $200

Total $13,370

Lewie is willing to get this plan going asap if there are no objections.
If anyone is willing to take on jobs or has more info, click Comments and add. If there are majorly different ideas, we'll need to call a meeting.

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Helen - July 14th, 2009 at 6:13 PM
Considering the urgency of the work I think we have to consider that this may go over budget and be prepared to pay out extra for the work. helen
Michael - July 14th, 2009 at 6:17 PM
The road works you have outlined have been talked about for ages but no action has ever eventuated. If you are prepared to take on the project then go for it. The unwritten BHC rule has it that the people who take responsibility for any project have the majority say. I have no suggestions to offer about the up the hill road, it is all out of my league. Replacing the old bridges with 3ft pipes is the correct strategy in my opinion. As for the budget: it is a bit tight considering the balance in the maintenance account ($12,318.80), with a slashjng bill to come. Providing there is not too big a budget over-run we can get around the short fall. Cogratulations, I hope it all works out. Michael
cate collopy - July 15th, 2009 at 5:20 AM
Yes please, you have my full support, I will also try to schedule myself in for volunteer days
Johanna - July 16th, 2009 at 6:58 AM
Access has to be a priority!
cate collopy - July 26th, 2009 at 9:28 PM
I acknowledge that it is minuted that there is an urgent meeting to be held regarding the top road re your proposal, however there was no time made of when to meet. I also note that you have already met with Greg Anderson as well as many others including Rolly Harrison (proposed Builder), Johnny Graham (concrete supplier) and Noel Piggott (retired bulldozer operator who built our roads) and others in regard to Concreting up the hill amongst the many others whom with you have consulted. While at the meeting "It was decided that an urgent meeting be held with Top road residents, the maintenance committee and Greg Anderson" the person in question whom with you have already met.

Logistically I may not be able to be there in person for this meeting/decision making etc, but 'access is issue' and I know that your proposal is well researched over a long time and well discussed with many parties and advisors. It has been, tabled and has been discussed and discussed again. There is no other plan put forward, yet it appears there is always procrastination put forward.

In the absence of any and all other formed or tabled plans for the top road, I think it is time to accept your plan and to action it.

As I previously stated I will ensure that I am there for the physical 'hands on' part of this process, whether it be spade or teapot in hand..perhaps one in each.

I move we move ahead. So please let me know where and when to sign, assign proxy.

Full support

lewie - August 3rd, 2009 at 1:24 AM
Hi Peter,

Prices quoted below are still valid and will not change.

Kind Regards
Sandra Byrne
Customer Service Officer

CEMEX Australia
1166 Summerland Way, Grafton NSW 2460
P 61 2 66447666 I F 61 2 66447 313 I
From: Byrne, Sandra
Sent: Wednesday, 13 May 2009 9:56 AM
To: ''
Subject: Quote

Hi Peter,

Prices as requested
6 x 600 F2 x 2.44 $219.41ea
6 x 750 F2 x 2.44 $315.98ea
6 x 900 F2 x 2.44 $422.54ea
Delivery to site on crane truck $400.00
15minutes west of Kyogle.
lewie - August 5th, 2009 at 10:44 PM
Confirm Grahams concrete price of $231 per cubic m X 18 Cubic m = $4158 delivered.

Reo is $1040 for 10 X 6m sheets incl delivery

Only other costs are Labor for Rolly Harrison and son Jeffery plus BHC labor for boxing and screeding and diamond cutting of expansion joints.( to be done after concrete sets)
Then earthwork for gravel to be brought up to protect concrete edge after one month and concrete wings installed.

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