Now for the Top Road

by Lewie on August 15th, 2009

Talked to Roly Harrison tonight. He has at least two weeks other work before he can come out. As soon as I know exactly when, I'll let everyone know. When it happens, we'll need at least four labourers for the pour so that it can be done in a day. Then it needs two days without anyone driving on it. I've also talked to Millers tonight. No point in putting blue metal on unless there is some rain or it will just spit out, but if we get a shower, he will bring out a light coat of blue metal.

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1 Comments - August 16th, 2009 at 7:43 PM
After discussion with Rolly and a closer assessment of the top road I am proposing that instead of 125 mm of concrete we put down only 100 mm (4 inches instead of 5) and extend the distance from 60m in length to 70m also make the width 2.6m rather than 2.5m
the amount of concrete should stay much the same (18.2 cubic metres as against 18.75 cubic metres in the original estimate) In other words in will be slightly less concrete in total and be 10 m longer if we make it 100mm thick ie 1 inch thiner. It will require 2 extra sheets of reo and more labour so the cost will be more or less the same as the original plan. (To pour the extra 100mm thickness at the longer 70m wider 2.6m pour will cost an additional $900.
There is quite a firm road base under the concrete and we will put anchor holes filled with reinforced concrete every 10 m. the concrete will still be reinforced and pinned and held at the middle of the concrete with little boots. (24 per sheet)
So long as no heavy vehicles go over the concrete for the first 4 to 6 weeks it should be fine (obviouly thicker is stronger but also more expensive)
unless there is any major concerns about the thinner option I will proceed that way (thinner).
The first pipe is now headwalled and the second is awaiting more rocks. Thanks to Rod and Joe and Sue and anyone else who has collected rocks so far.
LLamandras can be planted now, see John Brumpton or Rod for instructions.


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