Dragging the chain!

Posted on August 19th, 2009

Hi all

just an apology, particularly to Helen as I am lagging in the fulfilment of the community projects I took on, i.e., work on the letter box, emblem on the front gate. I have the horse drawn for the emblem and the glues ready for the letter box, just that trades people and my good friend Richard have descended on the house and it is all go constructing the veggie garden and the garage. Veggie garden will be finished for the most part on Thursday or Friday (I thought it would take me at least another three to six months!), and the footings for the garage will be poured next Monday or Tuesday.

After a week on the building site I have full realisation what it means to be 50 something.....everything aches!!!! I suddenly find myself attracted to footy and beer. The mind is willing but the body don't want to go there!

Anyway, you will all come home one night and the new emblem will be there in all its glory! Won't be long.


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