Litha (Summer Solstice) Lindy's blurb for inspiration

by Annie on November 16th, 2009

The Summer solstice, the longest day. The nights retreat and the days are long and getting longer. The season of heat and storms and wind.

In these longest days it is easy to get wrapped up with projects and occupations. It can seem like the workday is never ending. We need to watch ourselves and each other for burnout. It is good to remember to relax and enjoy life. It is good to remember and indulge our physical selves. It is good to connect with all our senses, to feel the sheer physical joy of being.

It is also the shortest night of the year. The night when traditionally the little folk come out to play. A night of enchantment, when legend has it that if we do not learn to keep all our senses alive, our eyes and ears and nose open, they will trick us into remembering it.

A meeting in the Rainforest, late in the longest day, with candles and delicacies and indulgences ....

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