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by Helen on February 21st, 2010

After Saturday night: playing table tennis, cooking and eating pizza, talking, playing music and sitting round the fire at the community centre I thought we need to think about a couple of projects that my further enhance the community centre.

We have talked about creating a storage room by possibly relocating the water tank and building a room in the space taken up by the tank stand and tank. I know that is a big project as the tank is old and may not survive being moved, however someone may have other ideas or a spare tank or something. At a recent meeting it had been suggested that we have a 5000 gallon tank at the community centre as we are moving into dryer times and such a move would ensure we have sufficient water in times of scarcity.

I think we need a hose at the community centre for safety and also for convenience when using water to clean out the community centre.

Extending the floor to under the skillion roof out the front and a ramp for ease of access also come to mind as projects for the future.

Any other ideas? or ideas on how to improve the access and to resolve the need for storage space.

Garry, thanks for organising the working bee on Saturday - some of us rearranged the kitchen gear - Garry supplied us with plastic boxes, and Garry and others worked on improving the toilet facilities.


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