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by Lindy on April 1st, 2010

There is a new page added under The Wild Valley, with the weed watch list identified at the meeting. (Thanks Garry for creating the list!) As I can, I will add photos, control information etc. If anyone else has any info or links, please add them (or email to me). If you can help identify where there are outbreaks of any of the watch list, or your would like to host a Miracle Day to control them (on your own place or commns) please add in Comments.

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Peter - April 10th, 2010 at 6:51 PM
G'day folks,

Found a few interesting runaways - not wweeds yet ... weeds in waiting, if you like between Tori's place and the Community Centre along the creek line.
There's a particularly good looking Thai birds eye chilli... these things spread easily and this one looks both vigorous and hot. So I'll salvage the seeds before dispatching same.
The second is a bit more serious: A kapok tree by the look of it ... green bark, absolutely covered in upturned thorns, only about about 12 foot high... only a baby but a serious spreader once they are up and running... Kapok's were once considered useful in permaculture. They are similar to Bombax or the South American Floss Silk Tree.
Has anyone seen any other spikey green trees about the place? I'll get a photo up on here once I'm there.


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