Great Cormorant

by John McWilliam on September 30th, 2010

This is John McWilliam (Helen's brother). Yesterday, 28th September at 3 pm I saw a GREAT CORMORANT waddling along the road in front of the Community Centre. I know that it was a great cormorant as I had my Simpson and Day in the car and had ages to identify it. It was unafraid of the car - it took off and flew very low (no more than 2 feet) above the ground for about 50 metres, then waddled along the road some more until I caught up in the car. After looking at it for more than 2 minutes (no use calling everyone on my UHF CB) I had to drive around it. Has anyone ever seen one at BHC before? I looked at records of various twitches over the years, but there was no record. Perhaps the bird was so slowed down because it was sick, but it looked healthy enough.

PS: I would have written a new Post, but don't know how>

Cheers, John

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