Being involved in community is a wonderful part of living at Black Horse Creek, and people who are not interested in it will likely find the community not right for them.It's hard to say exactly what community is. Mostly its informal - things like carpooling, trading garden produce, helping get a new tank up a hill, celebrating birthdays, visiting people who are ill, and socialising. It is also being involved in community events like the festivals, and collaborative art like quilts.

The community is not based on any religious or philosophical basis other than a general desire to live a more environmentally-sound lifestyle. Residents’ ages range from 1 to 70 years old. There are approximately 36 people in residence at any one time. Some residents are retired. Others have businesses or paid employment outside the valley. There are lots of kids and making the valley a kid-friendly place is important.

A non-profit, proprietary Company, limited by shares, was the chosen format at the time of the community’s birth. Every shareholder is entitled to be one of the Company’s Directors, responsible for running the company that owns the land for the benefit of the community as a whole. Matters are decided on a vote with a varying percentage of ‘yes’ votes required for the motion to pass depending on what is being dealt with. Directors’ meetings are held about every two months (depending on need) and the other officers (Secretary, Public Officer and Treasurer) are elected at the AGM.We have had torrid meetings in our time, but we're getting much better at it! Figuring out how to design a process to make meetings both pleasant and productive is a big part of creating a functional community.