Living green

One of the things we have in common is a general desire to live lightly on the earth, to be responsible in our water, energy, and resource use and production of waste.

It's not so much about living self-sufficiently, but about living sustainably.The houses in the valley are mostly "home built" with some wonderful examples of artisanship.There are lots of gardens and orchards (shared somewhat reluctantly with the wildlife). We try to car pool as much as possible. With over 25 years experience, we have developed lots of solutions to living very well within our environmental means.

Solar Power

There is no mains power connection to the valley. Each house has its own solar power system, ranging from single solar cells powering just lights, to arrays that run fridge, washing machine, music, computer, kitchen appliances, TV etc.There have been a few experiments with wind and water power, but given our climate, solar works best.


Composting Toilets

There is no sewerage connection to the valley.Each house has its own composting toilet.There are a few designs, but there is one that, after a bit of experimenting in the early days, we have found works well, and most households now use it.The compost is used to fertilise orchards and trees.It comes out dry and crumbly and smelling of earth.

Tank Water

There is no town water in the valley.Each household has a combination of rainwater tanks, earth dams, and springs that supplies its water.We have had some very dry years, and having to balance environmental flows with household and garden needs becomes a very immediate and personal issue when you rely on stored water!