The Weed Watch List

Valley watch list: trees, vines, grasses, ground cover plants etc.
This is the list of plants that we have identified as needing to be controlled. As they become available, links to photos and descriptions will be added here.

1. Suggest any weeds that need to be added to the list
2. If you know where there are outbreaks of any of these, please comment in the blog.
3. If you would like to host a Miracle Day to control any of these (on your own place or commons), please call for one.

Madeira vine
Mother of millions
Arsenic bush (easter cassia)
Running bamboo
Pine (loblolly, slash, monterey)
Golden rain
Chinese elm (celtis)
Aluminium plant (Freckle face, pink spotted)
Singapore daisy
Moth vine
Camphor Laurel
Cocos palm
Ice cream bean

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