The Weed Watch List

Valley watch list: trees, vines, grasses, ground cover plants etc.
This is the list of plants that we have identified as needing to be controlled. Controlling these on company land can be maintenance levy rebate work (where it is within budget).  ​Contact weed co-ordinators Tammy or Linda for details.

Please: ​Comment on the blog or contact Lindy or Tammy.
1. Suggest any weeds that need to be added to the list.
2. Share info about where there are outbreaks of any of these - we are creating a map and spreadsheet database for follow up (you can comment on these if you prefer.)
3. If you would like to host a Miracle Day to control any of these (on your own place or commons), please call for one

Weeds Apps you can download to help identify weeds.  Weeds of South East QLD​ (Thanks Ashley), or this site  NSW Weed Wise.  Or this identification tool site can be used (no installation, just go online and use)

Or you can click these links.
Tropical Soda Apple Solanum viarum​
Groundsel Baccharis halimifolia​
Cat's Claw  Dolichandra unguis-cati​
Tecoma (Yellow bells) ​Tecoma stans
Madeira vine Anredera cordifolia​
Mother of millions Bryophyllum delagoense
Winter Senna, Arsenic bush, Easter cassia - Senna septemtrionalis
Running bamboo Phyllostachys species
Jacaranda Jacaranda mimosifolia D. Don
Pine (loblolly, slash, monterey)
Golden rain Koelreuteria elegans subsp. formosana
Chinese elm (celtis) Celtis sinensis Pers.
Aluminium plant (Freckle face, pink spotted) Hypoestes phyllostachya
Singapore daisy Sphagneticola trilobata​
Moth vine Araujia sericifera
Camphor Laurel Cinnamomum camphora
Tipuana Tipuana tipu
Cocos palm  Syagrus romanzoffiana

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