The Wild Valley

Wildlife Watch

We Protect Our Wildlife

The community’s land is a valley of almost 1000 acres and the boundary runs roughly along the ridgeline of the surrounding hills.

Formerly a cattle property the valley is now well re-afforested and home to abundant wildlife. There are some very special patches of remnant rainforest.

The creek riparian zone has been extensively planted, and we continue to plant native forest and protect wildlife.

No dogs. No cats.

We have no cats, and few dogs in the valley. Because of our desire to protect the valley’s abundant wildlife, domestic carnivores are not welcome. Visitors are asked to leave dogs at home.

Dogs are one of the touchiest issues. The rule is no dogs, but we have in the past made an exception for an incoming sharholder who has a quiet home dog, for it to live out its life but not be replaced. But it needs to be agreed by everyone.